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Famous Margaritas


The Original Margarita
Rudy’s own special blend. Served Frozen or on the rocks.

1800 Ultimate Margarita
A twist of Cointreau, 1800 Resposado Tequila and fresh lime served on the rocks

Gold Margarita
A blend of Grand Marnier, Jose Cuervo Tequila and a lime kick served frozen or on the rocks

Silver Margarita
A special mixture of Cointreau, Herradura Tequila, and a blend of fresh lime and orange juice served frozen or on the rocks


Magnetic Ocean Margarita
Original frozen margarita with a blend of Blue Curacao and Tarantula Tequila

Mathilde Margarita
A lime frozen margaritas with a twist of Mathilde raspberry liqueur

Sangria Margarita
A lime frozen margarita topped with a refreshing grape liqueur

Remy Red Margarita
Frozen margarita topped with a refreshing Remy Red liqueur

Pallini Margarita
Frozen margarita topped with Pallini Limoncello, a zesty lemon liqueur

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Herradura Sunrise
Herradura Tequila, fresh orange juice and a splash of grenadine

Skyy Citrus Mexican Lemonade
Skyy citrus vodka and Cointreau topped with lemonade and served over ice with a sugared rim

El Jimador Tequila paired with Squirt and a pinch of salt, fresh lime

Premium Cosmo
Cointreau, Absolut Citron, fresh lime, cranberry juice

Jameson Lemonade
Blend of Jameson Irish Whiskey and Mexican lemonade

Mexican Red Ribbon
Blend of fruit juices, Bacardi Light and Dark, splash of grenadine, Cointreau liqueur

Rudy Sangria
Blend of fruit juices, Yago Sangria, vodka, rum and grenadine

Pina Colada
Mixture of pineapple and coconut juices with a light rum

Strawberry Daiquiri
Blend of frozen strawberries and rum

Raspberry Long Island Ice Tea
Mexican Long Island Ice Tea with a kick of raspberry

Smooth Shooters

Patron Silver
Don Julio Anejo and Silver
Don Eduardo Anejo and Silver
1800 Reposado
Corazon Blanco, Anejo and Reposado
Herradura Anejo, Silver and Reposado
Mexican Flag

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